Question from Azrael_4835

What difficulty grottos do the rare amor and weapons start appearing?

Do they start to appear around D or C or is it like A or S?


DSifan answered:

For Metal Slime gear, Chest rank 9. For Ultimate Gear, Chest rank 10. Also, it's more like ranks A and S, and I'd imagine Level 80+ to find the ranks.
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Mega_Virus answered:

The Ultimate Gear is A 2%(Maybe 5%) Drop From the Boss. Not From Grotto Quality / Chests
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Rybal answered:

Actually, it is a combination of both.

For specifics on what level chests you can get based on monster rank, check Terrance's sticky.

You get SOME of the ultimate equipment from Grotto bosses (yes, the rare chances), but there are also some that can be found in rank 10 chests - 1% chance for each of those. There simply are not enough bosses to give out all of the equipment.

Level 9 chests can be found starting at Monster Rank 9 or C depending on which version you are looking at.

Level 10 chests can be found with Monster Rank at 11 or A depending on which version you are looking at.

The grotto monsters FAQ has the different ranks, as does the guide.
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BlackWind22 answered:

i started obtaining these gear sets in high level grottos (from platinum to diamond). the most common equipment i get in these are the metal slime set (though i havent received the boots yet). So far i have the helmet, armour, gauntlets, sword, and the spear. Yesterday i was lucky enough to get a Bright staff (ultimate wand) in a chest which is very very rare. i suggest that you take a strong team to these completed grottos, traverse each floor looking for chests an then cast Evac. Then re-open the the same map. It would be best if you used a map that has lots of chests on signle floors. The maps i usually use sometimes have up to 4 chests on a single floor an sometimes all in the same oom. You'l eventually get the equipment you want.

Good Luck!
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