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Stuck at Wormwood Creek?

I just got to Wormwood and ive talked to everyone 20 times and im not getting any furthur in the story. Talked to everyone day and night and ive explored the contenent and cant find anything. anyone able to help me out here?

Frozz123 provided additional details:

Ah yes, I just came to the place without going there first. Thanks

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DSifan answered:

*Spoilers* Are you before or after the Starflight Express gets attacked by Barbarus? Before, you can't do anything. After, once you've talked to everyone and Wallace runs off, go to the waterfall cave, talk to him, and he'll go back. Then at the cave, you'll see Serena (the ghost you've seen several times before). Talk to her, them go to Wormwood's church, go to the ruins of the Guardian Statue, retrieve her necklace, then return it and go to the Bowhole. After the Bowhole, go to Wormwood Cliff.
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conka20000 answered:

You have to do all the other towns then you'll fall out the sky into wormwood. so at the moment you have nothing to do here
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