Question from OpticNeo

Asked: 4 years ago

Good Training?

Well I need help to level up my team for the Grottos MY team is made up of a Paladin lvl35 with Sword Mastery, Fource mastery, shield mastery, and 75 Virture and Gigagash skill . A Masrtial Artist lvl63 with Claw mastery & Hand of God skill, and 54 focus. A sage lvl 38 with Wand mastery, Enlightenment mastery, and boomerang at 36. And I have a Warrior lvl60 with Sword Mastery, and 48 courage

Accepted Answer

From: SmakyNz 4 years ago

Try Liquid Metal Slimes in the Bowhole B3
40,200 exp and while your waiting for them
to appear you could kill a few Drakularges
and maybe even get a gold bar.

Happy hunting!

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