Question from Flash0587

Where can I find (Life bracers)?

Trying to get the uber miracle sword.

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n03113ch4n answered:

Okay, this is a bit of a tiered answer, so bare with me...

A life bracer can be made from (gold bracer x 1 + life ring x 2)

If you do not have a life ring, it can be made by (prayer ring x 1 + resurrock x 3) per ring

If you do not have a prayer ring, it can be made by (gold ring x 1 + sage's elixir x 2)

If you do not have sage's elixirs, they can be made by (magic water x 1 + royal soil x 1 + nectar x3) for each elixir.

In grand total, if you're making everything from scratch, this is how the raw ingredients break down.

magic water x 4
royal soil x 4
nectar x 12
gold ring x 2
resurrock x 6
gold bracer x 1

Gold bracers, gold rings, and magic water can be easily bought at shops. Everything else you'll have to collect through finding it on the overworld map.
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SmakyNz answered:

This is alchemy recipe:

Gold bracer x 1 + Life ring x 2

and I don't know if monsters
drop them.
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