Question from seanyoung1000

What level does priest learn Kazing?

just wanna know...and if not should I change my priest's class to sage?

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moto_ace333 answered:

They don't learn kazing. Only sages do.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Learn all the priest skills and then immeadiatly change to sage. Sages are the only ones who learn Kazing.
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marsofthefire answered:

I would. Priests have Omniheal, but sages are the most powerful "magic users" and they use moreheal, which is just as good. Sages only use kazing, so get up to a high level, meaning, up to the last level where you learn priest spells, then convert to a sage
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ValkyrieCain answered:

1. Only Sages (found in a bookshelf at Gittingham Palace) learn Kaziinnnng!!!
2. Wrong section.
3. Priests only get Zing, I think.
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