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Where can I find (Prayer Ring)?

I have 1 already but i need 3 more but i dont want to make it

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pyromite answered:

You can steal the Prayer Rings pretty easily off of Genie Sanguinis, or you can use a bit of alchemy to get your grubby mitts on one.

You need a Gold Ring (buy it from almost any item store) and two Sage's Elixirs. The Sage's Elixirs are relatively easy to make with a Magic Water (again, buy it from practically any item store), a Royal Soil (found due south of Alltrades Abbey on the dirt mound in the middle of the tree patch), and 3 Nectars (south of Slurry Quay, over the bridge and into the Bloomingdale map in the middle of the hook of trees just to the southeast of the bridge).
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Azn_Playah answered:

You can steal/drop them from genie sanguinis or hocus chimaeras. Otherwise, you can randomly find them in blue chests or buy them with mini medals for 3 medals a piece (after you turn in all 80 for the standard rewards).
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