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Nectar Location?

Where could I find Nectar for alchemy?

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Johnwalt answered:

Here is a map showing all the ingredients.
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Poopinhammer answered:

East of Swinedimples
South of Slurry Quay and Dourbridge (area north of Bad Cave that you access from the north)
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bloodydarn answered:

and North East of Batsureg. in the middle part between Batsureg and Gertzuun.
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bob1756 answered:

Go to Dourbridge at the Western entrance. Go all the way south and take the bridge to the next map. Go east, there should be nectar in a clearing.
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n03113ch4n answered:

Go east of Swinedimples, then go south into a clearing surrounded by trees.

The other location is near Batsureg. Go on the route that you took to go to the abandoned city of Gerzuun. When you've gotten into the first map change immediately go southeast along the narrow strip of land. Sometimes there will be nectar along the river.
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StellaRella answered:

5x nectar(max) near Gerzuun (from batzurg go up north and cross the bridge and go right round the edges and you'll come to patch)

3 x nectar (max) south of slurry quay( from slurry quay, keep going south until you reach a dead end and you'll find a patch)

3 x nectar(max) south of swindimples academy (from the academy go east until you see the stairs - go down that stairs and go south and you will see another stairs -go down and you will see a patch to go down to collect the nectar)
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baratron answered:

All of these answers and no one's mentioned half-inching from Pink Sanguinis? It's a very profitable way of getting nectar if all four of your characters know Half-Inch: 1/32 or 3.125%.
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StellaRella answered:

I'm not sure can you get it from pink sanguinis but i'm sure is that you can guarantee to get it from farming points and they respawn quickly, as for getting from monsters you have to do lots of attempts in order to snatch the nectar from them with half inch - you often get caught stealing and you have to do it again and again.
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baratron answered:

Pink Sanguinis are the only monster who drop Nectar. As I said, if all four of your characters know Half-Inch, it only takes a few rounds (no more than 10) to acquire either the Moonwort Bulb (common drop) or Nectar (rare drop) from them. Pink Sanguinis generally appear in groups of 2-4, which makes it easy - have one of your characters Half-Inch from each one, and kill them once they've yielded their drop.

I've found that the farming points don't respawn anywhere near quickly enough for the amount of Nectar you need for Elfin Elixir to make Yggdrasil Dew, and Sage's Elixir for weapon upgrades. At level 40, half an hour of dedicated Pink Sanguni-stealing yields typically 8-10 Nectars; whereas it takes over 5 hours of gameplay for the farming points to respawn.
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dunno001 answered:

There are 3 spawn points for nectar: between Batsureg and Mt Uluun, in a nook spawns 5 units, whereas 3 units spawn both east of Swinedimples and south of Slurry Quay. A successful half-inch on a Pink Sanguini has a 1 in 3 shot of giving you one also. If you are in post-game, repeating quest 41 (defeating a slime for a goodendrom, or something like that, from a professor in Angel Falls) has nectar for its reward. You may also find some at random in lower ranking grotto chests, or as a random item from the farm point in the basement of Stornway's inn, but neither of these are dependable.
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DragooN_25 answered:

You get nectar at:Bloomingdale,the Snowberian coast,and Mt Ulbaruun.To get the nectar at bloomingdale you have to go to the Slurry Coast and go down until you see a opening(not the one to go to Bloomingdale),to get the nectar at the Snowberian coast go right until you get to an opening and go down to a patch of flowers,and Mt Ulbaruun go northeast then go south and look on the map you'll see a small dark spot on the map go there.I found them in those areas.Hope it helps!
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