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Where do i find rapthornes map?

Ok i loved dragon quest 8 and i pwned rapthorne and i want to fight him in this game and do it all over again so where can i get his map cuz he need to be pwned!!!

Xxfirebird95xX provided additional details:

Also can normal grottos give lagacy boss maps?


ReDDsHaD0w answered:

There's a grotto boss FAQ so go check that, but I don't think Rapthorne would be in the game.

As for normal grottos giving legacy boss maps I'm not sure.
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bloodydarn answered:

Rapthorne is most likely going to be one of the map give-away events with either Best Buy or the Simon Mall.

the only grotto that gives away a legacy boss map is one that has Greygnarl in it and its a 2% drop.
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CelestriaSlave answered:

Rhapthorne's map is given as a reward for Quest # 179:Pants Macabre. It'll be downloadable spring of next year, i think.
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