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Where is the krak pot located?

I am totally stumped on the whole alchemy thing. I cant find the krak pot any help would be appreciated.

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Azn_Playah answered:

Once you finish the wight knight questline go back to Stornway and talk to the npc with glasses in the middle of town near the sign. He'll give you a quest that ends with you being able to do alchemy. From then on, go into the Quester's Rest and you'll see the Krak Pot there on the counter.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

In the Quester's Rest (anytime after you defeat the Wight Knight & Morag), talk to Erinn. She'll say something like "OH LOOK WUT I FOUND" then pull out a pot. She puts it on the counter and now you can use it.
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dragonsakura22 answered:

After you beat Morag go to Quester's Rest in Stornway. As soon as you enter the Inn A scene will commence. Talk to the pot, it is the Krak Pot.
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