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Asked: 4 years ago

Magic Beast Horns?

What monsters drop them?

Accepted Answer

From: Jotaan 4 years ago

Your best bet is to get them from a Shocktopus, which are found in the Djust Desert or the Ocean (sailing with your ship), or Splatterhorns, which are found near Wormwood.

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The octopus-monsters in the Twyll Cave west of Porth Llaffan also provide them, and it's probably better than sailing randomly. As they're weaker than the ones near Wormwood, they won't beat you up as much as you try to steal from them (or fight tons of them trying to get the drops).

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The octopus at Tywll cave do not provide magic beast horns, but magic beast hides. You also don't have to sail randomly to find Shocktopus, as I pointed out that they can be found in the Djust Desert, which is the island with Gleeba on it.

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