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What level grottoes do I get Dangerous Bustiers from?

Need one for an Extra Quest. Please post your lowest occurrence of finding one. Hopefully we can narrow it down, because I can barely handle level 30 grottoes.

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Rybal answered:

Rank 5 Chests - Monsters on the level must be AT LEAST rank G / 5 (depending on the nomenclature)

You should be able to find them by level 30 grottoes - some things to look for in particular for level 5 chests are: Finessence, Aggressence, Brouhaha Boomstick, Thug's Mug, Maid's Mop, Muscle Belt, Maid Outfit, Dangerous Bustier, Toughie Trousers, Thug Boots

Each of those are ONLY found in level 5 chests, though it can take you QUITE some time to get what you are looking for.

You can also sometimes find Dangerous Bustiers on DQVC.
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playingforfun answered:

Just to add a bit.

Finessence and Aggressence are the common drops from rank 5 chests and are absolutely unique to rank 5, no other rank of chest will produce those. All the clothing drops including the Bustier are 1% each. It will take a real effort to get one of these from a chest.

Just remember that in a specific grotto all the blue chests remain the same rank and location for every visit. Find a grotto that has a few rank 5s and farm like crazy.
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