Question from Yahagi

Where do I find Legacy Bosses' grottoes?

I can't figure how to unlock this Legacy Bosses grottoes.
Legacy Boss: Dragonlord
Legacy Boss: Malroth
Legacy Boss: Mortamor
Legacy Boss: Estark
Legacy Boss: Zoma
Legacy Boss: Nokturnus
Legacy Boss: Orgodemir
Legacy Boss: Rhapthorne

Yahagi provided additional details:

Is there is an Action Reply cheat to get them all? If so, what is it?

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Jyphlosion answered:

You can get a Map from a skeleton inside the cave on the island north of swine dimples. its Baramos
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youjustlost answered:

There is indeed an AR code for every single one; however, I suggest you google it.
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marsofthefire answered:

Can you give me the legacy boos cheat AR link if you find it??? thanks
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ViridianS1 answered:

Malroth you get from the peddler in the cave on the lonely coast (WARNING: He's rough, my level 80's were hitting him with 70s on high tension). if you find any other let me know, i'm having the hardest time finding some of them
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