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Do Fource abilities countermand the intial elemement a weapon is imbued with?

Evidently, a fire blade is infused with the fire element, and will induce reduced damage to a fire resistant enemy. However, if I were to instil the character attacking the aforementioned enemy with the ice fource, would the blade still generated augmented damage if the enemy were susceptible to ice? Would the fire element of the blade be revoked and only the ice fource be taken into account? Or does fource not override the element of a weapon?

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AzureLivesOn answered:

Like most effects in the game, they would stack together. The Fire Blade would deal fire and ice damage.

Technically, Frost Fource only imbues your Attack/Defense- not your weapon specifically. Fource causes you to deal that damage with elemental boosts, but only because YOU are boosted. Not your weapon. Thus the Fire Blade would retain its properties unaffected. Fire from sword + Ice from Fource = stacked elemental damage.

Same applies to things affecting armor, like using Pincushion with Payback Shoes. Pincushion is an effect on you, not your armor. So if both hit, the enemy would be shown with two damage numbers and a message stating "....took a total of 17 damage."
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