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How do I solve the second part of quest 102?

I made 2 critical pratfalls, but when I go to the ghost from the quest it says: ''There's a feen in the dungeon in Stornway whose face needs a smile paintin' on it. I'm countin' on ye fer this.''
I don't get what I need to do.

Accepted Answer

01slayer answered:

Before you read this, I think (I'm not positive) you need the Ultimate Key. Try this either way.

First, make sure it's daytime. Then, Zoom (or use a Chimaera Wing incase you don't have Zoom) to Stornway. Go into the Castle, and right as you go in, go to the bottom left and down the staircase. In this room, there is a small dungeon. Go by the prisoners and talk to the one furthest from the staircase and facing forwards. That's really about it.
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