Question from dasharkskin721

How many times can you get coup de grace per battle?

Can coup de grace be activated once only?


01slayer answered:

Nope. I've had Coup De Grace more than once for a single character in a boss battle. So, with that, I'm thinking it's unlimited. But still, it's kind of based on luck so it shouldn't really happen more than 2, 3 times in one battle.
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mansnow answered:

You can get it infinite times
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patrickm2 answered:

Like 01slayer said, its all about luck, so its pretty much infinite, but it won't really happen more than a few times per battle, and no more than once if its not a boss battle.

Also, look at what each coup de grace does, as a thief can guarantee a treasure chest at the end of every battle with "Itemised kill", which would be good for battles with creatures who don't usually drop stuff, such as a Morphean mushroom, but would be bad for boss battles as bosses nearly always drop chests ; vice versa, a warrior's "Critical Claim" unleashes a guaranteed critical hit, which is incredible for bosses, but
un-necessary for other creatures, due to their incredibly high attack and strength attributes.

So, if you or anyone else tell me what vocations your party is, I'll tell you what their coup de grace is good for, so either put them as another answer here and then type VOC (For "vocations"), or put it as another question named "Patrick, VOC", and I'll tell you. Hope I helped.

- Patrick
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