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Where can I find a few ingredients?

im trying to make a Fire Blade Fire Claws and a Lightning lance can anybody help me find the ingridents :L?

kwldude provided additional details:

Oh the ingredients are 3 lava lumps and a rock bomb shard for fire weapons and 3 thunderballs and 1 mythril ore for the lightnig lance


TGSnowwy answered:

Lava Lumps: infrequently spawn in the dirt patch west of Alltrades Abbey and by a lava pool west of Upover. They are also dropped by/stolen from Bagmas, Live Lavas, Magmalice, and TerrorHawks; all of which should be in the Magmaroo or the area around Upover.

Rock Bomb Shard: dropped by/stolen from any round rock enemy (aka Bomboulder, Grinade, Rockbomb). I know there's some Bomb-enemies around Batsureg.

Thunderballs: spawn on a small island southeast of Swinedimples and in a canyon way at the bottom of the Upover map. Dropped by/stolen from the cloud-people Cumulus Rex and Cumulus Vex.

Mythril Ore: There's a spawn point at the southern end of the dead swamp area NE of Batsureg. Dropped by/stolen from Golems and Metal Medleys, though they're probably very rare drops/steals.

Once you've beaten a monster, you can find out where they live by looking in your Battle Records: Defeated Monsters list.

For more info on recipes and where you can get ingredients, please check Zaraf's Alchemy Guide on the FAQs page.
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kervhead answered:

i think you can buy all of those in Upover
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