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What can you do with the Multiplayer?

I know you can go over to a friends game and run around and battle, but what else?
How does going to the inn work?
Can I buy items and weapons in their game?
What happens if I die?
Can I bring along a member of my team?
Can I advance the story of the host?

Accepted Answer

dakondakblade answered:

You can buy weapons. armour and items in their game yes

If you die they can ressurect yu via spell, item or a priest, if you both die, you start off at the last priest you visited ( Simlilar to when you die in the single player game and lose your entire party, you are resurrected at the last priest you saved at )

You can have up to 4 people in your party, ths can be you + 3 party members,or you + a friend + 2 members etc. The only restriction is that the members have to be from teh host's game

Yes you can. If you are having troublr with a certain boss, it's helpful to have a friend along, as humans are better than any AI
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