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Where can I find (Monarchic Mark)?

I've looked all over and i have no idea where the hell to find them...i know u can alchemize it but i used up all my saints ashes and lucky pendents i don't know where to get more of these 2 ingredients...sum1 plz help!

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pyromite answered:

You need to use alchemy to get the Monarchic Mark. You need a Lucky Pendant, a Raging Ruby, and a Ruby of Protection.

The Ruby of Protection is made using a Dragon Scale (drop from a dragon) and a Corundum (find it at the east side of the waterfall north of Dourbridge).

A Raging Ruby is made with a Strength Ring (buy a Gold Ring and mix it with an Aggressence, which in turn is made with two Fisticups found south of of Stornway, a Wakerobin found east of Bloomingdale, and a Softwort found on the beach south of Slurry Quay or made with a Strong Medicine (two Medicinal Herbs) and a Moonwort Bulb). Whew.

The Lucky Pendant is made with a Reckless Necklace and Saint's Ashes. The Reckless Necklace is something you can only find in the blue chests of the harder dungeons, so good luck on that. The Saint's Ashes are a little easier to find since they're rare drops from Sculptices and Genie Sanguinis.

Really, the hard part of all this is getting your hands on a Reckless Necklace. Once you get that, you can get some really nice gear through a ton of alchemy.
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