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What are all the secret scrolls and what do they do?

I do not what to level each vocation to 40 to find out.

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CelestriaSlave answered:

I'll give you vocations and some equipment scrolls/books.
Warrior's workbook:chance to counter-attack
Priest: Wave of Relief: cures all party members of most debuffs.
Mage's Manual:Weakening Wave: lowers attack of all enemies a little.
Martial Artist: Ability to save tension for another battle
Thief's Theory:Chance to steal from defeated monsters.
Minstrel: Gritty Ditty: increases attack of all party members a little.
Gladiator's Guide: Attack twice sometimes
Armamentalist's Album: Fource affects all allies
Paladin's Primer: Solar Flair: sends a nebula to do immense damage to all enemies
Ranger: Critical rate up when hp is low
Sage's Scripture: Magic Echo: allows an ally to cast spells twice per turn.
Luminary's Lore: Gold Rush: attacks all enemies at the cost of 1000 gold coins
Sword:gigagash: better form of gigaslash.
wand: Casts Zing, useful for mages who can't normally.
shield:100% blocking critical hits
Whip:Serpent's Bite: attacks a group
Fan: Hustle Dance: Multiheal.
Bow:Shining shot: group attack
hammer:Big Banga: attacks all
Boomerang: Gigathrow: immense damage to one enemy
axe:Whopper Chop:immense damage to one enemy
Spear:Bolts from the Blue: attacks all enemies
Staff:does large damage and protects allies.
knife:hits an enemy and puts it to sleep.
claws:immense damage to one enemy.
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Azn_Playah answered:

Take a look at the vocational skill/spell FAQ for all the information you need.
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