Question from NintenJoey

Where can I find (Astral Plume)?

If it's alchemy, tell me the ingredients if possible.

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pyromite answered:

You can either alchemize 3 Flurry Feathers, 2 Fresh Waters, and 1 Angel Bell or you can do a repeatable quest post-game.

In Upover, there's a girl on the landing of the eastern stairs. She wants some cloud fluff, which is a special drop from the Cumulus Rex's just outside Upover. I'm not entirely sure if you have to kill the Cumulus Rex's with a critical hit or if it's a purely random drop, but what I do know is that in a quarter of the time it takes to run around and gather the supplies for alchemy, you could have yourself an Astral Plume and some experience/money.
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Master_Tobias answered:

3 Flurry Feathers + 2 Fresh Waters + 1 Angel Bell
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