Question from SmakyNz

Metal Slime Armour?

I have a level 80+ treasure map,
if i kept restarting my game(turn power
on and off) would that increase
my chances of getting Metal Slime
armour from treasure chests?

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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Err...I may be wrong but isn't it easier to just locate all the treasures in the map and what floor and after evac the dungeon close the map and repeat?
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Crazed_kid answered:

Thats a tough one man. Most of the time the "Good" items have under 5% chance of showing up in the good chests. You can keep trying if you want. but i have been unsuccessful in those items.
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sonicking2004 answered:

Actually, it'd be better if you go through the dungeon, collect all the treasures, leave then reset the MAP by closing and re-opening it again. I'd also recommend beating the grotto's boss: not only would you get good items and experience, but you'll also likely get an even HIGHER level map, giving you a better chance at getting rare items like the Metal Slime Armor.
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