Question from raki_gemini

Where can i meet the other dragon quest characters?

Like Alena,

i just want to complete the equipments available in the game.
can someone help?


jeronimo777 answered:

You know the DQVC wi-fi shopping place in Quester's Rest? Just connect to wifi there and Alena AND Angelo will automatically show up. To find them, just use the elevator.
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drgnslayers answered:

this info is after the Japanese version. if this order's right, Ashlynn from DQ6 should be next. Here's the order and the day they were released in Japan.
DQ4 Alina 2009/07/31
DQ8 Angelo 2009/08/21
DQ6 Ashlynn (Barbara in the English fan-translated DQ6 Super Famicom version) 2009/09/11
DQSword Fleurette 2009/09/18
DQ4 Kiryl 2009/10/02
DQ5 Nera (Flora in the English fan-translated DQ5 Super Famicom version) 2009/10/23
DQ2 Cannock (The Prince of Cannock, Primo in the French version) 2009/11/13
DQ8 Jessica 2009/11/20
DQ2 Moonbrooke (The Princess of Moonbrooke, Priscille in the French version) 2009/11/27
DQ5 Debora (exists only on the DS version) 2009/12/04
DQ8 Trode (King of Trodain) 2009/12/25
DQ7 Maribel 2010/01/15
DQ6 Milly (Muriel in the English fan-translated DQ5 Super Famicom version) 2010/01/28
DQ4 Torneko 2010/02/05
DQ5 Bianca (that was her name in the English fan-translated DQ5 Super Famicom version) 2010/02/26
DQ7 Kiefer 2010/03/19
DQ4 Meena 2010/04/09
DQ4 Borya 2010/04/30
DQ4 Maya 2010/05/21
DQ8 Yangus 2010/06/11
DQ6 Carver (Hassan in the English fan-translated DQ6 Super Famicom version) 2010/07/02
DQ8 Morrie 2010/07/15
DQ4 Ragnar 2010/07/16

Remember that the Super Famicom Dragon Quest V and VI versions were never released in America due to the fact that Enix closed his North-American division Enix of America.
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drgnslayers answered:

You get one for just talking to them.
One for talking to them on your birthday (just adjust the in game clock on your profile)
One for talking to them as a certain class
One for a maxed inn (30 tags)
And if that person has more pieces of gear, there is a wi-fi quest that will allow them to give the other piece, but that quest won't be unlocked for months (Quest 157, if I read well).
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baratron answered:

And indeed, Ashlynn was posted today (2010/08/20).
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drgnslayers answered:

Those characters were made available in this order (each two weeks):
Alena (the first one available, on July 23rd)
Angelo (Aug. 6th)
Ashlynn (Aug. 20th)
Prince Princeton (Cannock)
Torneko (Dec. 10th)
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drgnslayers answered:

Now, you can finish for all special characters can be downloaded.
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