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How do I solve (Quest # 109)?

I can't get the ARMAMENTALIST VOCATION!! I am too high level for the metal slimes to appear in the Quatertomb thing place east of Coffinwell. And i cant find them at the pluivi island!! I want this class please help meee!!

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TGSnowwy answered:

Your level has no effect on whether the metal slimes appear or not. Just stand in front of the 4-way intersection between the door and the stairs. If you are down enough or leave your menu open, the enemies won't notice you and you can simply wait for some to appear. I did this quest in the Quarantomb after level 20 with no problem.

If you really think your level is a problem though, you could change your classes to something with a lower level.
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youjustlost answered:

The metal slimes appear regardless of level. Just keep roaming the halls until you find one.
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