Question from gamecracker23

Asked: 4 years ago

Hey whats a DLC quest?

What is it?

Accepted Answer

From: Hymnoz 4 years ago

A DLC Quest is a quest you recieve by connecting to the DQVC via Sellma in the Quester's Rest. Every friday a new DLC quest is added. You have to have beat the game to access the DLC quests labeled as "Extra Quests" in the quest list of the alchenomicon.

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It's actually alot more than every friday. It is kind of random when the quests come out because I have received more than a couple quests a week. Basically just more quests that give you better rewards and newer bosses to bash on.

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DLC stands for Downloadable Content. You need wifi and Sellma in Quester's Rest for the DQVC and to unlock these type of quests.

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