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Does it work this way...?

Ok, this is based on 2 Sage Abilities. The first one is the final Spell learned, Magic Burst, which depletes your entire Mana store to deal massive damage (I believe it's Current MP x 1.5% = Damage Dealt). The second one is the Sage's final Vocational Ability, MP Consumption -25%, which is obvious.

The two abilities combined, will the spell Magic Burst do 25% more damage, since MP cost is reduced by that amount, but still uses all MP? Just wondering out of curiosity...

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Oh yeah, almost forgot: If it doesn't do 25% more, is there any increase in damage output at all?

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KatsuHiro808 answered:

No, It shouldn't affect your damage output at all, mainly because Magic Burst consumes all of your MP so the 25% Mp Reduction will have no effect.
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