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Asked: 4 years ago

Rusty Helm?

I got the Meteorite bracer from Captain Meddlin and then I got 12 more mini medals,but he didn't give me the Rusty Helm,instead a screen came up to trade mini medals for items like prayer ring.

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Is there another way to get it?

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That didn't work.

Additional details - 4 years ago

No,and I checked about 20 times.It is't there.So does that mean that I can't get 100% in head armour in the battle records?

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Hmm. strange. I just picked up the rusty helm earlier today. I would probably load if you have saved recently before you tried to trade it in. But other than that I would save and go back to him.

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That is really weird. You shouldn't have gotten that screen until you have turned in 80 mini medals. Just reload the game and try again.

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Sounds like you may have encountered a strange glitch; you're not using a cheat device, are you? I'd double check my inventory to make sure that I didn't get it (easiest way probably would be to "try your luck" at the alchaemy pot & go to the "head" section.) If it is truly not there, then you'll either have to restart your game or simply write it off.

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That is Wierd i got it... anyone in Kansas City KS Cuzz we needa fourth guy for our Wireless Party Preferably new and willing to be a Armamentalist/Ranger

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I think you might give him to may mini medals by mistake

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