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Quest 32: Turbo Toad Oil Merchant Missing?

I'm standing in the middle of Gleeba, near the well, where reportedly there should be a merchant who offers me quest 32, requesting turbo toad oil. But... he isn't anywhere here! I've checked in day and night, but to no avail. This is not marked as a post-game quest, so... anyone have any ideas?

mithosdraco provided additional details:

Yes, I know where he is supposed to be, but he's is not there. I'm wondering if there is a pre-req that I'm missing?

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xsmilez answered:

It is a post-game quest. I found him after I beat the game...
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jiraiya19 answered:

about 5 paces above the well, daytime, guy in a red Fez by the name of
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Crazed_kid answered:

There are no pre-reqs for the quest. I would try either saving and loading or coming back later in the game. He didn't show up for me until towards the end of the main story.
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Pokegirl answered:

Acturally, it is a post game quest. You also have to have Sterling's Whistle to get the quest.
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