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When should I change classes?

This is my current team. I've just finished with the Batsureg quest, and heading to Swinedimples, I believe.

My Team:
Mage, Level 22, trained in Wands and a few points in Shields. Some in Swords from being a Minstrel earlier.
Martial Artist, Level 27, trained in Claws and nothing else
Warrior, Level 27, trained in Spears and Shields
Priest, Level 26, trained in Wands and I think their unique skill.

And I was going to change them into, Armamentalist, Ranger, Gladiator and Sage/Paladin (haven't decided).

1) When should I think about changing them? Should I utilize the current classes until I've mixed stuff out or just go ahead asap?

2) What should I convert my Priest to? It's between Sage and Paladin...

Accepted Answer

Amano_kun answered:

1) I would change classes asap to make your characters more flexible. In addition, you can max out your weapons faster because even for level 9 in a class you'll never use again, you earn 12 ability points. And you reach level 9 fast, trust me.

2) If you want to stay defensive choose the paladin, which buffs and heals your party. The sage will have many useful spells but somewhat low power.
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