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Where are they or who drops them?

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Crazed_kid answered:

1/256 drop from metal king slimes.
5-10% drop rate from Greygnarl
In higher level grottoes they are in the blue chests at a 3-10% chance of getting them.
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jeronimo777 answered:

You can get them from Metal King Slimes for sure.

I believe you can get some by beating Greygnarl.

I've found some in treasure chests.

You can also buy some from Max Meddlin for 15 medals.
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pyromite answered:

Chests in high level grottoes are the best way to find them and a bunch of other kick-ass things, but the only sure-fire way is to trade in 15 mini medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin in northeast tent in Dourbridge.
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