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Where can i find Erinn, Patty, and Sellma's clothes?

While looking up info on something (can't remember what anymore), i stumbled across a site with the complete list of armor that's obtainable. I've looked up the locations of the armor that i want to get but the 3 that elude me are Erinn's Outfit, Patty's Dirndl, and Sellma's Frock. Anyone know where and how to get them? I would assume doing their 3 quests would produce them as rewards, but i looked up the rewards for their quests and there's no mention of their outfits.

I think i wasted 2 hours googling trying to find them and i give up. I'm gonna drop the question here and hope someone has some answers. Any help is appreciated.

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So wait, are you talking about Quest 125? The information about that quest only states that she joins the party. Does she also give you her clothes as well?

Mr_Bojingo provided additional details:

Oooooooooh, ok, so i guess i indirectly answered my own question. Never thought that they'd be wearing the outfit when they join my party. Although, it'd be kickass if they'd be wearing whatever i put on them when i leave them at the inn.

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AllMetroids answered:

You have to complete the extra quests that are acquired through ninitendo wifi.

So far you can only get patty. Eventually the quests where you can get those costumes will be released
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