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Is there any way to get more Halos?

I just did the quest to get the Halo and i like it so much, i'm wondering if there's a way to get more Halos. As usual, i looked it up and didnt get any info on the matter.

Is there an alchemy recipe somewhere to get another one? Does it drop from a Blue Chest somewhere? Does a monster or Boss drop it?

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WildWesley answered:

It doesn't look like it.
I just checked the bestiary, blue chest ranks, and alchemy recipes. It is not listed anywhere.

Possibly in DQVC, though
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Crazed_kid answered:

Some high level monsters drop the halo. If it is found in a blue chest it will be in a high level grotto in the A or S ranked chests.
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CelestriaSlave answered:

Yes, it's occasionaly available on DQVC. The chances of finding one are upped on your birthday(as with all rare items). I found my third&fourth ones in my Diamond Abyss of Death Lv.99(played twice). Looking back, the number of times i had to Kazing and Kerplunk make the Halos seem like a stupid reward.
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