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Are the bosses harder?

If you decide to skip a story quest and go on to another quest wich should be done after you finished the past one, would the bosses be harder? I killed the dreadmaster before even knowing about batsureg!

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jiraiya19 answered:

Either way the story can't continue without the 7 figs
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Ramsay93 answered:

I just did the dreadmaster and the Batsureg quest yesterday. Honestly, I found Batsureg's boss the harder of the two so you might be grateful for the experience.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Batsureg's boss is a little bit harder that the dreadmaster. I actually died once during that battle.
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ThagTheUpset answered:

IDK why, but I found the Dreadmaster to be the harder boss of the two...

To answer your question, however, no, bosses do NOT get stronger as the story progresses, they each have set HP, DEF and other stats.

I personally wandered the earth looking for the elusive 7th fygg to find that it was in...... Zere Rocks?

Anywho, massacred my way to the final boss, and pulverized him in a handful of rounds (less than 5, could have done < 3 had I known that I didn't need to cast kabuff and such), much much MUCH easier than Batsureg Boss or the Dreadmaster, IMHO
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Tensuda answered:

Acording to the monster list and the exp they give, the Batsureg saga should have been tackled first.
I found the Dreadmaster rightfully harder that the boss of batsureg - which I had no problem with at all
If you take out the Dreadmaster first, the other boss does not get any tougher.
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bananachuah answered:

They are of the same difficulty regardless of boss/ adventure route taken. The main quest is to retrieve the seven fyggs, the bosses you fight are like subquests. The bosses difficulty is of your own opinion and depending on your party.
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dragon_claw12 answered:

Not really
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popatmajor answered:

No. Each boss has it's own attack, defense, hp, etc.
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WildWesley answered:

Each story has a boss that is slightly stronger than the previous boss. However, their stats are always the same no matter what order you fight them in.
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Sarahhxoxo answered:

Everytime you have to defeat a new boss they get harder becasue your level goes up. They normal take a bit longer because they are harder
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nivek96 answered:

The game has an intended order of boss-beating
so they designed the bosses to get progressivaly harder
if you play them in that order-mixing up that order will have NO effect on the difficulty of the bosses before/after that boss in the order
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