Question from armageddonwes

Asked: 4 years ago

Loading screen slimes?

Okay, everyone knows that when you're loading the game, a series of three slimes appears at bottom-right to indicate loading. They're always colored blue. However, one time I noticed one of the slimes was orange! It's only happened that one time, though; they're always blue again. My question is: why did this happen? Was it just a glitch, or is it maybe linked to an Accolade of some kind? And speaking of Accolades, I recently received the "Happy-Go-Lucky" Accolade for apparently being hit with the lucky stick?! Is this relevant to the game in some way, or is it just another achievement to be proud of?

Accepted Answer

From: TheVeyron 4 years ago

Its random wether you get the she slime in the middle or not. Its just a bit of random fun.

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