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ANOTHER Uber Falcon Blade Question?

I'm afraid so...

SO! (Uber) Falcon blade + Falcon slash = 4 hits, correct?

What about (Uber) Falcon Blade + Gladiator Guidebook item?
Can the gladiator proc and make you hit 4 times for 0 MP?
if so, would I be better off using uber or should I switch back to my Avalance Axe? (yeah, grottoes have not been too kind to me....)
Thanks for your time!

ThagTheUpset provided additional details:

That's a bummer....
Okay, so I guess the question that remains is which is better for NORMAL (attack) damage?

Uber Falcon Blade (2-3 hits with +86 Attack) Or Avalance Axe (1-2 hits at +186)?

Keep in mind that:
A) The character in question here has 210 Base Attack
B) He also has maxed swords and Axe skill
C) Avalance Axe deals Ice damage

Therefore, is the proper calculation for base Attack value as simple as just:
(210+86) x 2 or 3 for Uber [= 592 to 888] and (210+ 186) x 1 or 2 for the Axe [= 396 to 792]

Cus if so, why would I NOT use the Uber Falcon Blade unless I'm fighting monsters weak to ice?

Accepted Answer

Derak_Necron answered:

You'll get either the same damage as the higher ATK axe or slightly better damage as long as you get the 2 strikes in a single action. My Knife user wielding Falcon Knife Earrings (+1atk on wpn, atk of 265 total) does on average more damage then my main character who is using an Inferno Blade (+sss on wpn, atk of 329 total) as long as both the Knife wielding attacks hit (Knife Wielder does 85 per hit for a total of 170, my main character does only 140ish).

In the long run, the 2-4 attacks lead to a lot more damage because each hit has a chance to Crit and each hit is magnified by Tension and ATK up buffs. For example, my Knife user at 50 Tension on equinox can do 1000 damage with no crits, and no chain bonus, my Main Character at 50 tension only does like 400. This goes up quite a lot as long as my knife user ends up going 3rd or 4th in the Fight chain, making it a 1600-2000+ attack.

Experiment a little, and find the best groove for you.
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jeronimo777 answered:

With the Gladiator Guidebook you only get ONE extra hit, so even with the falcon blade and falcon slash, the most you can get is five hits.
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Crazed_kid answered:

And no the gladiator guidebook does not add to falcon slash. it only adds to regular attacks. So your base attack would only be 3 or 4 hits.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Well here is the thing. The uber falcon blade is not near the strength of the axe and the damage for the sword is merely luck. You MIGHT hit 3-4 times but most of the time its only 1-2. So I would say the avalanche axe is better plus the skills for axe are better.
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