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Is it possible................?

Is it possible, by some means, to become a winged celestarin? ( sorry about spelling) again? On a US game? If so, how do you activate it, and will it hurt my game????????


pyromite answered:

It's not possible in the story. Maybe if you hack the game, but I guarantee tweaking with the game's code is not worth something cosmetic.
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kjam9 answered:

No not in the story unless you hack the game.
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NeoRider777 answered:

Yes,no,and Yes or no. Yes there is a AR code for Celestrian job,No by story line,and Yes there is a AR code for wings or No possible downloaded content. Hope this helps. =]
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rh3ia answered:

I've seen on you tube, go in to Gittingham Prison(where you meet sterling) you can go through the door in the very center of the area, and go through the door while pressing a button(I can't remember which one)and Hey Presto!!!You'r a Celestian!!! you can still play with your party at you'r side, but as a visible angel!!!!!;) Hope this helps!!!
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