Question from pyromite

Who here has actually beaten Zoma?

He's kicking my ass from side to side and I'm lucky if I can last 5 turns. Does anyone have any advice for hitting him back?

Azn_Playah asked for clarification:

What level are you and what classes are you using? Both of those are pretty important in gauging your chances against him.

pyromite provided additional details:

I've got a 78 Minstrel (main), a 79 Martial Artist, a 78 Thief, and a 48 Sage (who's oddly enough the very last to die).

Accepted Answer

Crazed_kid answered:

There are multiple approaches at this boss. He is definatly tough but only a 4 out of 10 overall. Gritty Ditty if you have it, if not its good to have an armementalist backgrounded person. because Light will kick the crap out of him early. Throw a magic barrier on and a buff if you need it. (My paladin has beast defense so she protects everyone.) Keep attacking and use Multi-heal every turn even if you don't need it. Try to get your buffing out of the way in the first few turns and then kick his butt.
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Rybal answered:

If you are lasting 5 turns, then you have started out alright.

Make sure you have the shield scroll and multiheal. Gritty Ditty helps as well. Don't forget the Armentalist Album so that you can use the appropriate buff on everyone quickly.

Helm splitter is a useful ability that won't be affected by his Disruptive waves (if he can even use them yet - I can't remember), but will be affected by yours.

If he doesn't use DW, just buff up and heal - it shouldn't be that bad.

Without knowing your party setup and passives, that's the best I can do.
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Rybal answered:

Oh - and one more thing:

Search "Zoma" from the message board (it won't let me post a link) and you will find plenty of other suggestions.
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