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Asked: 4 years ago

How much health do Metal King Slimes have on average?

About how much health do Metal King Slimes have on average?

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From: DragooN_25 4 years ago

They have 14-16 HP.

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From the ones I've faced they had about 11 or 12 health each time, but that's just from my own personal experience.

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Actually the metal king slimes have 12hp. 11-13 on average, but usually 12 for me.

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The bestiary says they have 16 hp, so i imagine its somewhere near. but i have not been able to get any value on my own as i use thunder thrust and hatchet man to beat them (this isvery effective, especially if u raies deftness). if exp were given for overkilling, i'd have no problem levelling

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The few I actually managed to kill without thunder thrust and hatchet man had 11-13. Usually 12, but there's that wiggle room.

Believe me, if you plan on doing any serious farming, make your next investment in skill points in ALL characters to give them either TT or HM abilities. 4 chances at a 50/50 crit is much easier to consistently kill MKS and PKJ's

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