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What is the benefit of revocating one vocation more than once?

I read in the sticky that you may revocate up to nine times per vocation, per character. Isn't it true that, if you level up all vocations on a character to 99, you have enough skill points to max all but two attributes? Doesn't this mean you would only need to revocate once to be able to max everything? What do you gain for revocating a single vocation more than once?

OnePunkArmy provided additional details:

So besides the first revocation, all revocation does is affect treasure map quality? And is revocation capped at nine times per vocation, or nine times per character?

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TGSnowwy answered:

Revocating one class more than once affects the quality of the Treasure Maps/Grottoes you can get. Revocating the maximum number of times boosts the value of the maps 45-50 points. That value is also affected by the hero's current class level (max 99), the quality of the map you just beat to get the new map, and some random value.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Also if you master the bottom line of all the skills you will get to keep those Stats and abilities for any class that you pick. So master all the class skills, and you will have one BAD character.
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