Question from StellaRella

Asked: 4 years ago

Where could I find king metal slime?

How many hp does it have? Will knocking it out give you more exp than liquid metal slime?

Accepted Answer

From: yak_breeder 4 years ago

They're in higher level grottos or rarely at Tower of Nod. They have around 15 hp and give about 3-4x as much experience as a liquid metal slime.

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on the 5 floor in the Tower

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Actually they are found on the 3rd floor in the Tower of Nod. They never roam by themselves, so expect to fight other monsters with it. The Exp they give is 120,000.

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Actually I would agree with Jiraiya they are on the 5th floor. I've never found one on the 3rd floor. I've found quite a few on the 5th. They have 12HP on average, and with one person it is 120,000xp for a full party you are getting 40,000XP for a party that is very close to the same level.

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Guys I am on the fifth floor, none so far. Who do they appear with?!

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I found one only one while fighting drakulards to gain exp-i dont no how they find a lot on any floor though

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I just finished up a grotto called Bronze nest of Hurt lvl 80. Around level 8/9 there were quite a few KMS. Grottoes are DEFINTELY your best bet. I only did 1 revocation too.

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I found a lot of Metal King Slimes(about 10)at a Lv.87 map.

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