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Where else can i find a boss troll besids gittingham palace?

I have already beaten the bad guy at gittingham palace but i defeated the final boss so there gone and i need to defeat 10 of the with rain of pain an archer ability where else are there boss trolls ( its says Oubliette under regular hunts but i dont remember where that is)?

Accepted Answer

Thanos6 answered:

The Oubliette is the area in Gittingham Palace where the captive Celestrians were held. Unlike the main part of the palace, this area continues to spawn enemies even after Godwyn is beaten. Also, if you've already defeated the main quest of the game, go to the Realm of the Almighty and speak to Celestria and say you want to go back to the Realm of the Mighty. She'll teleport you there, where you can also find them in the lava/jail area.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Also in mid to high level grottoes you can find them.
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