Question from DragooN_25

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get a red orb?

I need it for alcemy.

Accepted Answer

From: kashijosh 4 years ago

Right now i think the only way to get a red orb is by getting the dragonlord map drop from Greygnarl in a high level grotto(85 or higher). Even through Dragonlord the drop rate is only 5-10% and i dont think you can find orbs even in S rank grotto chests. You can get red orbs from Malroth at a slightly higher drop rate... but i dont think you can even get the Malroth map right now.

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A DLC coming up has the red orb as a reward. Greygnarl only drops white orb. Dragonlord and Malroth drop them at low rates but i would say that Malroth would be the easier fight.

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