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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the warrior armour?

In the commercial the main guys usually have a red armour, its called the warrior armour, where can you get it in the game, please tell me?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where is hammibal in the grotto?

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It's given by a man in Wormwood Creek who gives you a quest (#91), you need a level 15 warrior first.

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You can get it by doing the Critical Appraisal quest the person in the south part of Wormwood has for you if you have a Lv.15 Warrior or beat Hammibal in a grotto.

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Hammibal is a boss of a grotto level 60+ I got the warrior's armor first try after i beat him but i believe it is a 5% chance of getting it.

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I fought Hammibal in a Lv.82 grotto.If you live near Corpus Christi,TX,I could give it to you.

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