Question from Zarf215

Am I ready for this?

I need help on Corvus (Last). (BTW, thanks to the person who helped me before)

These are not the real levels but I'm estimating the levels by the time I'm gonna battle Corvus.
Hero: Minstrel: 49 - 52 (Real level: 48)
Warriors: 50 - 53 (Real Level 49, 49)
Priest: 38 - 42 (Real Level: 31)

(M= Male, F= Female)
Attributes: From left to right, Hero (M), Warrior (F), Warrior (M), Priest (F) (Note: Present)
Str: 126, 207, 207, 68
Agi: 180, 40, 40, 125
Res: 120, 205, 205, 69
Deft: 156, 57, 100, 125
Charm: 122, 46, 46, 49
M.Mend: 116, 0, 0, 162
M.Might: 82, 0, 0, 12
Max.HP: 247, 292, 292, 142
Max.MP: 95, 44, 44, 106
Atk: 344, 372, 366, 138
Def: 269, 346, 328, 134

Erdrick's Sword, Inferno Blade, Inferno Blade, Sceptre of Gitt
Boss shield, Dark shield, White Knight Shield, Ethereal shield
Mythril helm, Warrior's helm, Raging Bull helm, Mercury's bandana
Mirror Armor, Mirror armor, Spiked armor, Iron Cuirass
Light gauntlets, Battler's bracers, Warrior's gloves, Einhander
Dragon warrior trousers, Transparent tights, Warrior's trousers, Red tights
Dragon warrior boots, Warrior's boots, Warrior's boots, Clogs
Goddess ring, Tough guy tattoo, Holy tailsman, Gold Rosary

1. Should I level up my priest more? (on the estimated levels)
2. I'm betting Corvus is hard, what is your recommended weapons,armors and etc.?
3. What should I rearrange in my equipment?
4. Lastly, with my current setup, You think I'm ready for this?
Suggestions, recommendations and adjustments will/may be accepted.

Zarf215 provided additional details:

BTW, I sold my Falcon Blade.
I thought it had no worth, so I sold it.


TGSnowwy answered:

1) Levels: my team (minstrel, warrior, priest, mage) was about level 40 when I beat him. Once your priest gets Multiheal, you'll probably be more than ready.

2) There's some better stuff, but you probably don't need most of it given the estimated levels. Replace your accessories with stuff that provides protection from effects (Catholicon Ring, etc). A Goddess Ring provides no benefit during a battle, and a Gold Rosary doesn't help if your priest is asleep or confused or something. Consider giving someone an Uber Falcon Blade (made from the Falcon Blade locked inside your ship); its stats look awful but it actually does a lot of damage for a warrior. Some of your other equipment can be upgraded by alchemy; check the FAQs page guides for details.

2b) If you don't have it yet, do the level 40 Minstrel quest. Gritty Ditty (full-team attack boost) is great to have as long as the bosses don't spam Disruptive Wave every round. I don't think anyone on your team can boost attack power at the moment without wasting several turns on Psyche Up or Egg On.

4) Once your priest learns Multiheal, I doubt Corvus will know what hit him.
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Crazed_kid answered:

1. I was right at 40 with all of my characters (Gladiator,paladin,Sage,Sage) the two sages were lower probably around 33, when I beat corvus. If you lose with your current set-up, I would either level up the priest, or convert him to a sage because sages have Multiheal much earlier, and they also learn Kazing.

2. Your equipment setup is much better than what I had when I beat him. You should be dealing quite the damage and have no problem with the healing when you get multiheal.

3. Equipment wise, try getting some more mini medals if you can and get some of the better stuff from Max. Other than that I think you have a good setup.

4. Your setup is actually atk heavy, which shouldn't be a problem when fighting corvus because you wanna deal as much damage as you can before he starts unleashing his more powerful attacks. Having Gritty ditty is a plus definatly, only if your priest isn't healing every turn. But I believe that you are quite well off beating him. Much higher level than i was and your equipment is higher notch than what i had.
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Crazed_kid answered:

oh and don't worry about the falcon blade, I never use them. Snowwy has a point for the attack, but falcon slash is way way more effective and won't shave your attack. Falcon blades are available in stornway after you beat corvus if you want to get more.
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Zarf215 answered:

Thanks for your help guys!
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TGSnowwy answered:

FYI, Falcon Slash works with (Uber) Falcon Blade. As long as all the Falcon strikes hit, my minstrel with the UFB (atk 26) was doing as much as the warrior with the Inferno Blade (atk 99) + Falcon Strike. I can only imagine what the warrior would have done with the UFB. Just wish I could understand this game's damage system; I nearly didn't mess with the UFB either after I saw that puny-looking attack stat, yet it can outdamage anything else with enough character strength behind it.
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etwdog answered:

Get 4 characters. most people think there are 3 bosses at the Almighty's place, but there is actually all of the Gitish empire bosses [they act as road blocks that you have to defeat to continue]+corvus and barbros {don't know how to spell}.
Just get multiheal for your priest level 38
and keep using pysh up {don't know how to spell} get from martial artist skill tree and LVL40-43 [or more] is good.
Hope this helps!
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etwdog answered:

Also ministral is the worst vocation [no offence] in my opinion :]
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