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Is the game completable without the DQVC?

Before I flesh out my game experience with DQIX by collecting everything and complete the bestiary I want to know if the equipment-, item- and alchemycollection and the bestiary are completable without the use of the DQVC.

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Rybal answered:

No. There are certain items (primarily equipment), quests, and legacy bosses that are only available via wifi.

However, the good thing is that if you miss something (say your wifi is out for 2 months), as soon as you get on, all available quests and guests will still come through, so the only things you'll miss will be the DQVC-only equipment which is generally lower quality/strength than the stuff that you can get in-game.

In conclusion, you can probably get about 90% of the game without ever connecting to wifi (closer to 95% if you just connect once a month or so).

You can easily still enjoy the game without ever connecting to wifi.
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