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Need help getting the Action Replay Code Manager to work on my PC?

I downloaded the Kawasaki Locker save file and i assume i need the Code manager for my Action Replay to get it on my Game. But I can't seem to get my Code Manager to work for my Action Replay. I installed the program on my computer and plugged in the cord to the USB port with my AR attached and the computer doesnt seem to realize its there.

I've snooped around the net a bit trying to figure out what my problem is and apparantly it doesnt work with windows 7. Where as a few other sites mention that windows 7 users have to update their drivers. I went to the main site that created this thing (I think it was codejunkies) and followed their instructions on how to get it to work, but i got stumped half way down the instructions.

Any help will be appreciated.

PS: Also, in case i do manage to get it fixed, i would also appreciate any detailed instructions how to get the kawasaki locker map in my game as well in case i run into problems with that as well (without having to delete my main file)

annihilator127 asked for clarification:

What is the program called that you are trying to use?


dragonfire200 answered:

This is not the correct place to be posting this.

Find the corresponding topic and ask here:
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