Question from whoever26

How do can i make my character use hammers?

I like hammers. A lot. My next boss is Master of Nu'un.

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Azn_Playah answered:

Get the quest from a priest in B1 of Alltrades Abbey to unlock the gladiator class. That's the only class available to you in the near future that can use hammers. So beat Master of Nu'un to unlock job changing, finish the gladiator quest, and then change your job.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Oh and master hammers because then you will be able to use hammers in any vocation.
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baratron answered:

Both the Gladiator and Paladin classes can use Hammers/Clubs. The information above is correct for getting the Gladiator class. To get Paladin, you need to go to Gleeba, which is the fifth town on from where you are now. That quest is unlocked from a woman called Brunhild who's on the roof of the palace.
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