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Can a Co-Op Partner visit Alltrades abbey?

My little sister just got this, whining about vocation. Im pretty far in, and im wondering, is it possible for me to take her to alltrades abbey, and for her to use it, if so how?

Accepted Answer

silktail answered:

I've heard other people say that their multi-player guests weren't able to change vocations early.
Jack said something about them not being ready yet.

I guess you could visit her game and help her speed through to that bit of her game though.
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Poopinhammer answered:

whoever is the host determines how far into the game you are. I think you get an ability that calls people to you. Im not sure if she can actually change classes though.
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Crazed_kid answered:

I've never tried it but just have her get a Chimerea wing and zoom to Alltrades abbey. She can talk to the Vocational master. I have changed classes in someone elses game before though.
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