Question from nivek96

My mage/spellcaster?

my mage gets low on MP
I attack in order to absorb MP
I realise she's equiped whith daggers
and her damage is 2(when I'm lucky)
plz help


Blue_Karma answered:

When you fight you could go on the misc. option and choose equip then do to staff then maybe it will work, but rember mages don't have high strength they have magic might and magic mending there strength level doesn't go up much that is why your attack has low damage i hope this helped you :)
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baratron answered:

Equip your Mage with a wand instead (e.g. Wizard's Staff, Staff of Summoning) and level up the Wand ability. At various levels in Wand you gain an MP boost all the time the wand is equipped, which is very useful.

Mages are generally rubbish at physical attacks, so keep the wand equipped at all times. Some wands come with an attack you can use, for example Wizard's Staff casts Frizz, Staff of Summoning casts Woosh, Staff of Divine Wrath casts Swoosh. This doesn't cost you MP. To "use" the wand's own attack go to Items and select the wand.

You can change wand mid-battle without losing the MP boost from the Wand skill. To do this, select Misc. on your main character. This gives you three options: Tactics, Equip and Line Up. Choose Equip and then your Mage character, then choose the Wand category, and scroll through to find the wand with the attack you want.

Don't know how far through the game you are, but you can buy Magic Waters for 500G at Bloomingdale (and other places after it), They restore 30 MP. They're kinda expensive though because your Mage can burn through 30 MP in no time at all.
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TGSnowwy answered:

On top of what baratron said, putting 84 skill points into wands will cause you to recover some MP between rounds, provided the battle lasts more than one round. Also, you can eventually make an item called a Goddess Ring that will recover MP while you walk (outside of battle; useless in battle). See the Alchemy Recipe Guides on the FAQs page to see how to make one (or hope you find one). The ingredients can either be made (a real pain, mostly) or found (if you're lucky).
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