Question from NintenJoey

Asked: 4 years ago

What do these abilities do?

They are called:

1:back atcha
2:holy impreggible
3:attack attacker
4:morale masher
5:blind man's biff
7:alma mater
8:care prayer


Accepted Answer

From: Crazed_kid 4 years ago

1. Kind of like Spiked armour affect. Damage Recoil
2. Higher defense i believe when defending.
3.Attack attacker is an attack that deals damage and then weakens the enemy.
4. Deals damage and then lowers tension
5. A random attack on one enemy that deals massive damage.
6. Lower damage taken from undead
7. Raises magical mending
8. Stops insta-death attacks like whack and whatnot for the whole party

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