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How do you make a scare wolfe qual with war cry?

Ive done it once but i dont know how i did it so can someone please tell me?

ReDDsHaD0w asked for clarification:

I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're saying.
How do you make a scarewolf equal with war cry?

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Derak_Necron answered:

Any character can use War Cry for this, and fairly certain any character can make the kill for credit.

You must: Use War Cry, and stricken the scare wolf with it, then kill it while it is still under the effects of War Cry (meaning, the Scare Wolf CAN NOT have a turn in between War Cry hitting it and someone killing it)

The best method, in my opinion, is to have your slowest person (acts after the wolves 90% of the time or more) use War Cry. Then use your faster characters to kill it, or use Mercurial Thrust to ensure you attack before the Scare Wolf.
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goosebump13 answered:

I think you actually mean how do you complete the martial arts quest by making a scarewolf quail with a war cry rite?
then all you need to do is do your move "war cry" on the monster before you kill the wolf..... hope it helped you out :)
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dragon_claw12 answered:

egg on the next fastest person besides MA to 20 tension have MA use warcry and the person you egged on will kill it (note:the person that attacks has to be faster than the scarewolf
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WildWesley answered:

You have to kill the scarewolf while he is quailing with fear. This means that he has to be slain after warcry works AND before scarewolf's turn comes up.
I suggest having three characters use Warcry, and your slowest character attack.
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Renners23 answered:

Attack the scare wolf once to weaken it the make your martial artist use war cry and make whoever attacks after your martial artist make them attack it
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mansnow answered:

My technique: Have a high level person with you...
Have yourself as a weak vocation with War Cry use it on the scarewolves, MAKE SURE YOU GO LAST then the next turn have your high level person attack the scarewolves before they can move!
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PokemonVeteran answered:

iit's a two step process:
1. use War Cry on a scare wolf
2. the War Cry MUST scare the wolf and make it too scared to move. once that is done kill it.

Rinse and repeat until quest is done.
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bengra08 answered:

It will be a trial and error thing.. since you are in a level that will one hit the scarewolf, Use Warcry on a first character then attack in the next character
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pokemonfreak97 answered:

Find a scarewolf, use War Cry on it, on the same turn, have everyone use their strongest move. If it shows the scarewolf: twice after your martial artist or once after anyone else, then you failed that time. Just beat it every time, but have the Martial Artist use War Cry.
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Seanman20 answered:

Fist have ma use war cry and before it says the scare wolf is too scred to move thats its turn attack it with someone else in party but doscent count if is after the texts. So you have to be fast
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meeper123 answered:

Just keep using war cry over and over again
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To4oo4 answered:

You need a martial artist to use War Cry on them, or a former martial artist that knew War Cry. THE MARTIAL ARTIST COUP-DE-GRACE WILL NOT COUNT.
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